Barstool Astronaut

Album Artworks

We’re All In Space (2019)

I was the Art Director and Designer for Barstool Astronaut's "We're All In Space" LP. With track titles such as "Love on High", "Some Days Past" & "I Will Miss These Moments However Much They Miss The Mark", I felt there was common theme of nostalgia present on this record. I wanted to capture the love, imagination, playfulness and innocence of childhood on the album art. For most of us childhood was such a simpler time as we are naive to the pains of the world & society. Having two children playing on the edge of the Earth and letting their imagination run wild to me was the perfect visual representation of the music.

And Nobody Knows Why (2020)

“And Nobody Knows Why” is the companion record to 2019’s “We’re All In Space”. Conceptually, I wanted to create an inverse of the last artwork. “We’re All In Space” portrayed two children looking out into the vastness of space, letting their imaginations run wild. With “And Nobody Knows Why”, the children have grown up and are now looking within themselves for introspection.

Holding Pattern (2021)

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