Hellcrest VI - Area 1181

Art Direction & Design

After an alien spacecraft crash lands in Beverly Hills, CA, a government agency approached Notch Industries for their help in a top secret program to investigate the encounter. The house interior was transformed into a complex of research laboratories with the basement being used for experiments on the surviving aliens.

For the Hellcrest VI art direction, we started by taking inspiration from aerospace companies, defense contractors, and sci-fi movies to build our visual foundation for the event. An alien alphabet was created and applied to graphics, flyers, signage and media displays throughout the event to immerse guests in the world of Arera 1181. Several types of HUD interfaces were created and used as key elements within the party’s immersive game and scenic elements.

Created & produced by Production Club for Notch

Creative Dir. - Stuart Fingerhut
Spatial/Project Lead - Alynn Tergevorkian
Art Dir./Sound Design - Jeremy Raskin
Addt’l Spatial - Tanvi Sonavane, Nicole Faris
Addt’l Design - Christian Gonzalez, Yoke Le, Marina Kitchen, Curtis Ida, Kristin Schultz
Media Dir./Visuals - Maximilian Nicklas
Media - Jay Martinovich
Web Dev. - Luna Siciliano
Media IT - Arthur Hale

Miguel Risueño, Vivek Srinivasan, Sophie Reeves, Kyle McCarthy, Corey Johnson
Lead Prod. - Casey Hurdle 
Producer Support - Kristin Lee
Creative Prod., Scenic - Laura Lee
Project Coord. - Abigayle Day

Scenic - Greg Aronowitz / Barnyard FX
Prod. Lead - Eric Barron
Lighting Dir. - Charlie Hegelheimer 
Lighting Support - Griffin Behm

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