Burning Man


As someone who has been consistently inspired every time I’ve been to Black Rock City, it was a huge honor to have Burning Man contact me to submit a design concept for this year’s ticket. The design did not get chosen to be the final ticket art, but I am really proud how this turned out! I attached my artist statement & how I would have moved forward with the design below.

“With Burning Man’s 2020 theme of “The Multiverse”, I wanted to convey in the ticket art the idea of multiple realities existing simultaneously at once. Doors are a transition from from one place to another. They symbolize the choices we make which determine how our reality unfolds, and where in the multiverse we end up. How do we know what’s on the other side if we don’t open those doors? At Burning Man we are presented with many choices when we enter Black Rock City. The center door on the ticket art opens up to multiple realities existing at once combining the colors of the yellow door to the left & the blue door to the right. You may not be opening those doors immediately, but there are other realities happening behind every closed door. I am envisioning a gold foil border going around the main ticket & stub. With the lines inside the stub I could see this as either as an emboss or foil.”

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